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March 25, 2019

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

21 February 2019, Utrecht, Netherland                         

The world is facing a huge energy challenge. Fossil fuels are 'out-dated‘ and sustainable alternatives are the unquestionable future. This will be the topic of the ITA-COSUF workshop on New Energy Carrier Vehicles in underground transportation facilities on the 21st of February 2019.

We where invited to witness a full scale low pressure water-mist fire test in the well-known Applus+ "San Pedro de Anes" Experimental Centre, last week. The host of the event was VID Fire Kill ApS, a danish based Low Pressure Watermist manufacturer. 

Lund University and SINTEF independent research organisation, are conducting a survey in which they seek attendees. In the experiment, the subjects will move in a computer-generated environment and the study is investigating human behaviour in a road tunnel where different incidents can occur. 

An important part of upgrades and rehabilitation of tunnels is to protect side area that represent a risk for collisions. The new SMA crash cushions from Automation Manufacturing Services ltd. prove that it is possible to produce space-saving solutions that are easy to install, reliable over time, maintenance friendly and provide a high degree of safety. 

Experts from businesses and public bodies from all over the world use the well-known Hagerbach Test Gallery in Switzerland to perform research, development, testing and full-scale experiments. The VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG facilitate cooperation between companies, associations and research institutes, to improve construction, operation and safety of tunnels with a professional approach.

The peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies, Austroads, identifies factors that contribute to the occurrence and severity of collisions adjacent to and within tunnels and suggests remedial treatments. The objectives of this study were to identify factors that contribute to the occurrence and severity of collisions adjacent to and within tunnels and remedial treatments that will reduce the incidence and severity of these collisions.

The increased use of new energy carriers in subterranean spaces will break new grounds in terms of public safety. The SUVEREN project investigates physical phenomena that may occur in connection with the use of new energy carriers, and will investigate the fire behavior of electric batteries and gas pressure vessels as well as composite materials installed in vehicles. 

15 - 16 March 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands.                          

2 days of networking sessions, professional and interactive panel discussions as well as case studies combatting the challenges, successes as well as lessons learnt from existing and newly developed tunnels.

A road tunnel represents the worst danger potential when it comes to heavy vehicle fires. Recent work from the Université de Lausanne by the honorary professor Jean Claud Martin focuses on this danger and the main causes of such fires. 

Road authority are seeking smarter tunnels to meet new requirements from the autonomous and cooperative car technologies. Its important to consider consequences for design, installations, systems and operations in tunnels in these matters.

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