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July 15, 2019

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

In this report presents SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden the main results of the six large-scale tests with different types of fixed firefighting system (FFFS) that were carried out in the Runehamar tunnel in June 2016.

New radio broadcast technology have made it necessary to rethink how roadsigns for radio broadcast should be designed and function. 

How will the implementation of autonomous and cooperative car technology effect management, operation and safety in tunnels. And what issues have to be considered when it comes to tunnels? The purpose of starting a work with Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) station concept has been to establish a method of communicating between tunnel and vehicle using a standard platform.

Norway is first to close down the FM broadcast in favour of Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) technology. A bold decision that have raised a lot of questions about installation, reception conditions and safety issues for the road users. About 40% of the radio listening is from a car in Norway. DAB will therefore not be a full range of radio offer without reception conditions in the tunnels.

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