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January 24, 2020

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

Emergency response in focus in Stavanger Featured

Written by  Apr 29, 2018

Road Authorities, fire and rescue services, tunnel managers, international experts and other stakeholders in the industry are expected to attend the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Conference, 18th - 19th June in Stavanger.

Emergency response is one of many topics on The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Conference (conference/registration).

Emergency management, contingency planning, incident command, research and development, technology papers and a customised workshop at the end of day two, make sure the emergency preparedness topic is well covered on this year's conference. In addition, the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster will reveal its plans for how to achieve high quality training for fire and rescue services in Norway.

The organisation committee have this year gathered inspiration from experts from both Europe and United States.

New Norwegian Tunnel Safety Centre and Tunnel Fire Training

The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster wish to establish facilities for research, development, demonstration and learning, with a main focus on training of tactics and execution in practice, for firefighters and incident command. Furthermore, the same tunnel facility will be equiped with infrastructure and equipment specially designed for research and development, and be geographically and academically affiliated with the university and a professional environment consisting of industry stakeholders. An important part of facilitating this education is to make sure to collaborate with the best institutions internationally, when it comes to tunnel fire training. 

Incident command needs knowledge about tunnels and tunnel fires, in addition knowledge about tactical dispositions of crews. Incident command need to make the right decisions in a very demanding situation, both in terms of information access, complexity in construction and risk.

Firefighters need to perform tactically demanding work in a more or less unknown situation, compared with the daily challenges in industry and building. It is crucial for the outcome that firefighters have basic training in tactical methods for collecting information, search and rescue, and fighting fire in tunnels.

A 30-hour basic training in tunnel rescue and fire fighting, with the main focus on tactical training in reconnaissance and information retrieval, search and rescue, and firefighting, is considered as basic skill training in Europe. Why not in Norway, the most challenging country when it comes to tunnel fire incidents? Only the last 8 years, more than 10 large tunnel fires have occurred in Norway, in long single tube tunnels with limited possibilities for evacuation. 

Public Investigation of the last fire in Norway

The Accident Investigation Board in Norway have recently investigated the latest fire in the Fjærlands Tunnel (17th April 2017), and will present this investigation on the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Conference this year. 


Read more about the event: http://ntsc2018.no 

Register for the event: Register

Read more about the project: https://ntscenter.no/ 


Last modified on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 13:13
Arild Petter Sovik

Editor, Tunntech Global News

E-mail:  arild.sovik@tunntech.no
Phone:  +47 950 88 793


News coverage based on many years of experience from key positions in the industry. Former National Tunnel Manager at the road authorities (NO), senior principal development manager at a major tunnel contractor company (NO) and experience from a wide number of activities in national and international networks. 


Website: www.sovikconsulting.no
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