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January 26, 2020

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

Technical facilities

A dynamic evacuation light and sign system, which offers real-time, intelligent control and guiding indication can improve safety in difficult…
New research from Belgium conclude that mobile fans can be used for controlling smoke in tunnels. However there are limitations…
Last week, in the well-known Applus+ "San Pedro de Anes" Experimental Centre, we where presented the latest design within ventilators…
Inductive loops have been used for decades to count vehicles, control traffic-lights, speed-control enforcement and other traffic applications. Inductive loops…
To facilitate human evacuation and emergency responder safety, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP, US) recently published guidelines for…
Road authority are seeking smarter tunnels to meet new requirements from the autonomous and cooperative car technologies. Its important to…
A great challenge the first responders face during incidents and accidents in tunnels is getting an overview of how many…
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