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January 23, 2020

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

New water-based PVDF coating Featured

Written by  Nov 02, 2017

Water-based ceiling coating improves tunnel visibility, safety and aesthetics in the Changwon Tunnel. In this case it was important for the tunnel operator to choose tunnel finish materials that had the right reflectivity, adaptability, cleanability, durability and safety effects for the road user. 

To improve illumination, visibility, cleanliness and safety within the Changwon Tunnel, the tunnel operator decided to paint the uncoated ceiling with a new water-based PVDF coating, called AKUAFLON®. As part of the decision other important coating performance characteristics was desired as long term durability, ability to resist dirt, biological growth accumulation, other weathering factors, and retention of reflective value and color.

Kynaraquatec have the following statement of their product:

AKUAFLON® coating is based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF technology. Coatings containing these emulsions provide the long-lasting durability and excellent weatherability benefits of traditional Kynar 500® resin-based coatings and can easily be applied to a variety of substrates.

Another benefit of the Kynar Aquatec® resin-based AKUAFLON® coating is its exceptional resistance to dirt pickup and biological growth that can reduce reflectivity.

The Changwon Tunnel is 20 years old and have a four lanes. The tunnel is located in the South Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. The twin bore tunnel are 2,3 km long. The tunnel has some challenges when it comes to operation and safety, with a significant ascending/descending climb inside the tunnel. 

Photo: Kynar Aquatec 

Weblink: http://www.kynaraquatec.com/en/case-studies/changwon-tunnel/ 

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Arild Petter Sovik

Editor, Tunntech Global News

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News coverage based on many years of experience from key positions in the industry. Former National Tunnel Manager at the road authorities (NO), senior principal development manager at a major tunnel contractor company (NO) and experience from a wide number of activities in national and international networks. 


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