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January 28, 2020

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News


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In order to promote the latest knowledge on current key issues and to facilitate technical discussions and debate amongst industry stakeholders, PIARC and its French National Committee are pleased to announce that they are organising their first "International Conference on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety".

The successful past work of the Association in the area of road tunnel operations will be built upon by Technical Committee D.5 (Road Tunnel Operations).

The World Road Association is a non-profit association that promote international cooperation on issues pertaining to roads and road transportation. It consists of a wide range of members from every part of the globe. The core members are road agencies representing over 120 countries. The Association mobilizes the expertise its members to share and develop information for the benefit of the global transportation community, a mission that is grounded in the needs of member countries and supportive of larger trends in global society. It fulfils this mission through operations guided by a 4-year Strategic Plan.

The mission of the World Road Association is to serve all its members by being a leading international forum for analysis and discussion of the full spectrum of transport issues related to roads and related transport. Identifying, developing, and disseminating best practice and giving better access to international information, fully considering within its activities the needs of developing countries and countries in transition designing, producing and promoting efficient tools for decision making on matters related to roads and related transport.

The committee on tunnel operations will work in several working groups and deliver each reports on the subject. The working groups are:

  • Sustainable Operations
  • Safety
  • Human Factors & ITS
  • Ventilation & Emissions
  • Large Underground and Interconnected Infrastructure
  • Knowledge Management

The technical committee, which have been the mainstay of the Association’s work, remain the principal medium for study and development of knowledge products. Constituted for the full four years, the Committee execute work plans based on the parameters set by this Strategic Plan from the PIARC Council. Included in this is responsibility for convening international seminars as a mechanism for sharing information.

Weblink: https://www.piarc.org/en/ 

Centre of Excellence offers worldwide network for safety and security of Public Transport Underground Facilities. It is well established that the topics of each ITA COSUF organized event are the first choice of the newest developments. ITA-COSUF gather high-professional speakers which present case studies and report on the newest knowledge. The latest successful meeting was the workshop in Bergen at the World Tunnelling Congress (WTC 2017). 

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