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January 26, 2020

 Road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective
Arild Petter Sovik, Tunntech Global News

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Event reports (16)

Thousands of the world’s foremost experts in road infrastructure, transport and technology met in Abu Dhabi this October for the first ever World Road Congress to be held in the Middle East. Organized by the World Road Association (PIARC) and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT), the major event attract more than 5,000 delegates from 120 countries and with at least 40 government ministers.

The World Tunneling Congress 2019 opened officially on Monday May 6th, with the Opening Ceremony, but thematic courses and international teams started to work May 3rd.

In March the Italian delegation invited to an Italian PIARC conference, discussing Temporary alternative measures for tunnel safety.

New energy carriers (also known as NEC) for road transport, such as battery electric cars, and fuel cell cars, entail new risks for the safety of tunnels and underground parking lots.  

This conference focused on tunnels as a vital links in any transportation network. Short periods of closure for maintenance or repairs always generate nuisance. Long periods of closure for renovations will logically lead to severe congestions. For too long, the tunnel community has accepted this nuisance and chaos as a natural side effect of tunnel operations. Should we accept this?  

International experts from The World Road Association (PIARC), The International Tunnel Association Committee on Safety in Underground Facilities (ITA-COSUF) and in total over 300 experts from all over the world came together last week in Lyon to discuss road tunnel operations and safety. Among other important topics, leading experts are concerned about lack of research on risk and danger related to new energy carriers in underground facilities and call for actions from authorities and responsible bodies. 

Encourage the member nations to take a stronger part in the ITA work, optimize the contribution from the organisation, enhance interaction with industry, sharing through education and training, enhance awareness and improve communication, are the six goals that have been identified to fulfil the International Tunnel Association`s (ITA) mission. 

This week, The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster (NTSC) promoted their new initiative, The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Certification. This is a initiative that aims to improve standards for planning, building and operating tunnels, but also improve standards for structural elements and installations including infrastructure, ventilation, lighting, signs, safety equipment, control, monitoring and future Intelligent Transportation Systems.  

The Intersec is the World’s leading trade fair for Safety, Security and Fire Protection and the Fire and Rescue section appears to be growing steadily, and remains the fastest growing section at the Intersec 2018. With more than 1300 exhibitors and over 30 000 visitors coming from 129 countries, Intersec is the largest exhibition and the most international trade platform in its industry worldwide.

The STUVA conference had over 1,900 participants registered before the event, and over 200 exhibiting companies at the STUVA Expo. In total, more than 3,500 participants, stand personnel and Expo visitors where present on the STUVA Conference this year. I'm impressed of how well organised the event is, and also the quality of the lectures. 

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