Focus on Austrian tunnel safety improvements

 Focus on Austrian tunnel safety improvements
The overall theme of The ITA-COSUF Workshop 14th – 15th November 2019 are safety concepts, technical installations and improvements in tunnel safety in Austria. ITA COSUF is also inviting to a technical visit in the Arlberg tunnel and a closer look to safety concept and technology in this complex road and rail tunnel.
The Arlberg tunnel installed in 2014 the world’s largest water mist installation for road tunnels. 29th January 2019 the system had to proof its efficient and reliable operation in a real fire incident. A car transporter caught fire in the 14 km long tunnel, and within minutes the fire was confined by the High Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting System and thus substantial damage and the closure of the major road connection through the Alps was prevented. This and other experiences have lead to an increased focus on tunnel safety in Austria, and we are looking forward to learn from these experiences.

The Arlberg tunnel contains of a complex tunnel system including both road and rail, and connecting escape routes between these record long tunnels in Austria. 

The workshop

The event is co-organised by ILF, ASFINAG, Aquasys and Feuerwehr Landeck, in Innsbruck, Austria. 

ITA COSUF is the platform for communication on operational safety and security in underground facilities, i.e. the network to make all players meet, exchange their views and share their experience. As part of the workshop, steering board meeting, activity group meetings and a general assembly, including ceremony ITA COSUF Award 2019, will be a part of the agenda. An excellent opportunity for new members to join this high activity experts network. 



Activity Groups of COSUF

All COSUF members are encouraged to take part in at least one Activity Group (AG). Only COSUF members can take part in the AG activities. Exceptions can be allowed by the COSUF Steering Board (SB), e.g. to allow the participation of experts or representatives of other organizations. AG leaders are appointed by and report to the SB in which they also take part in the activities. Activity Groups normally meet twice a year, if possible in conjunction with a COSUF event (e.g. a workshop).

Centre of Excellence

ITA COSUF is the first committee of the ITA, the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, founded in 2005. It is the Centre of Excellence consisting of approx. 80 corporate member organisations and companies from 25 countries all over the world. The World Road Association PIARC is also supporting ITA COSUF. Since the very first beginning COSUF is a platform for communication on operational safety and security in underground facilities. Only the best specialists in the field of tunnelling are discussing in four different activity groups about the latest developments.


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