New strategies for ITA presented in Dubai

New strategies for ITA presented in Dubai
Encourage the member nations to take a stronger part in the ITA work, optimize the contribution from the organisation, enhance interaction with industry, sharing through education and training, enhance awareness and improve communication, are the six goals that have been identified to fulfil the International Tunnel Association`s (ITA) mission.
The strategy was presented in the 2018 edition of The World Tunnel Congress, and was hosted by the society of engineers in United Arabs Emirates (UAE) in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Tarcisio Celestino, The ITA President, sais the organisation are about half way through the period of implementation of a new strategic plan launched in the ITA Executive Council meeting held in Napa in 2016. Further on the ITA president says the ITA mission is to be committed to develope sustainable solutions for increased and optimised use of Underground Space that enable owners and industry to excel with reliable and economical solutions, improved safety and environmentally friendly solutions. Further on the vision is to promote the use of tunnels and underground space through knowledge sharing and application of technology.

There are 74 member nations in the ITA today, an extensive member base that need attention and capacity from this world wide organisation. Several of the member nations asked for an audit of the governance of the organisation to make sure the organisation have the capacity to follow up its commitments and initiatives. There are relatively big tasks in the current strategy and with an extensive member base, with such ambitious goals, the organisation must also make sure to that ITA have the proper capabilities to follow up tasks, initiatives and give proper attention to the member nations, says member nations representatives.

The ITA have 22 Working groups, 4 committees and a technical network for young professionals and students. There are varying levels of activities and contributions from the working groups and committees, but many of these are known to contribute extensively to the industry.

The six strategies for the period from 2016 to 2020 are:

  1. Encourage member nations to actively develop and share technology, promote underground space and be active as a member nations in ITA
  2. Optimize the contribution of workgroups and committees through facilitating interaction with member nations and sponsors, encouraging synergies, and deploying modern communication practices
  3. Enhance interaction with industry
  4. Encourage further knowledge sharing through education and training
  5. Enhance tunnelling and underground space awareness
  6. Improve communication with member nations, industry and general public

An analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threaths (SWOT analysis) have been made for the organisation. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique used to help an organisation to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, in this case to achieve its goals.


Illustration: From the strategy document The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan (link to document).

The analysis give the organisation a quite good awareness of the opportunities but also challenges and is a valuable tool to reach its goals for 2020. 

The next World Tunnelling Congress will be held in Naples in Italy in May 2019. The conference will offer the traditional topics on design and construction of underground works, focusing on tunnelling, engineering and innovation. In addition, to combine some unusual topics suggested by the Neapolitans, which are true Italian trademarks, such as history (Archeology), design (Architecture) and genius & creativity (Art).

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