Amazing bridge/tunnel tourist attraction

Amazing bridge/tunnel tourist attraction
The Hardanger bridge & tunnels opened 17 August 2013. The bridge is a two-lane suspension bridge with walking and bicycle paths. The bridge has a main span of 1,310 meter and a total length of 1380 meter. The bridge goes into the mountain on both sides of the fjord. Both tunnels have roundabouts. One of the tunnels, Vallaviktunnelen, is 7.5 kilometer long.
The Hardanger bridge are the longest suspension bridge in Norway. The tunnel's roadway is 7.5 meter wide and the speed is 80 km / h. The traffic is estimated to 1850 vehicles per day in 2020. The tunnels will have overall width of 8.5 meters (T 8.5). The financial framework for the project is 2.3 billion NoK (300 million euros).

Location: Norway, Hordaland, Ulvik/ Ullensvang

Phase: Operation, Opened: August 2013

The construction included also complex drilling and blasting techniques for two chambers for cable attachment (from suspension bridge).

The main challenges in the bridge/tunnel system is to regulate and monitor a complex system consisting of two tunnels and a bridge. The Traffic Control centre has to manage the closure situations and avoid congestion in the road tunnels. Further on there are roundabout in both tunnels that need to have special lighting to avoid traffic accidents.

Hardanger bridge are located in the most beautiful scenery in the world. Several times has the destination Hardanger been voted as the best destination to travel in the world from top magazines. Hardanger Bridge and the two tunnels will be a contribution for tourists who visit this beautiful area. 

The tunnels and the bridge will be regulated and monitored by the Traffic Control Centre in Bergen. The two tunnels are two of a total of over 250+ tunnels that are regulated and monitored from Bergen. 

Photo: Arild P. Sovik (17. august 2013, opening day)

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