New tunnels connecting the Faroe Islands

New tunnels connecting the Faroe Islands
A total investment of around 260 million Euros, which is by far the largest single investment ever made in the Faroe Islands, will be invested in two new tunnels.  The Eysturoy tunnel – will be 7.1 km long and will connect the largest bay in the Faroe Islands, Skálafjørður, directly to Tórshavn. The longer tunnel will be 10.6 km long and will connect the island of Sandoy, which is currently only accessible by ferry, to Tórshavn.

Illustration: The Eysturoy tunnel, Eystur- og Sandoyertunlar (

The Eysturoy tunnel will shorten the travel distance from Tórshavn to Runavík/Strendur from 55 kilometres to 17 kilometres, about 50 minutes time saving. The drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvík will be shortened with half an hour. 

The Eysturoy tunnel will connect both sides of the bay of Skálafjørður with a subsea roundabout. 

Location: Torshavn, Sandoyer, Faroe Islands.

Phase: Construction, Open: 2020

Both Faroe Islands and Island are using the Norwegian regulations for constructing tunnels. In the case of approving the design for the Eysturoy tunnel, the Norwegian tunnel experts helped to case-handle the deviations in the project, and gave advice on risk mitigating measures. A good example of important cooperation and valuable exchange of knowledge and experience between nations.

In December 2017, the contractor had driven 3100 meter tunnel of a total of 11300 meters. The project is carried out so far as planned. The Norwegian contractor NCC started the construction work about a year ago, and the tunnel is scheduled to be completed by 2020. The project also includes the construction of another subsea tunnel - 10.5 km Sandoy tunnel, scheduled to be completed in 2023.
The Sandoy tunnel connects the island of Sandoy to the greater part of Faroese infrastructure. In this 10,5 km subsea tunnel the lowest point will be 157 metres below sea level and just like the Eysturoy tunnel, the steepest incline will be 5 percent.

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