Fire-resistant and light concrete tunnel lining

Fire-resistant and light concrete tunnel lining
In some cases there is a need to fire-proof narrow tunnels or tunnels with an inner structure that can not withstand high weight. This can be solved by using fire resistant concrete that is light, do not take much space and can withstand high temperatures.

Successful attempts have been made to use 4 cm CemPro Firewall 1150 to achieve adequate fire safety results.

CemPro Firewall 1150 is a fire-resistant lightweight concrete that can withstand temperatures up to 1150 ° C, and have a weight of 0.7 kg/dm3.

The product has been tested and approved according to the HC fire curve (hydrocarbon curve) and is designed to protect steel, concrete and other structures. 

The solution can be delivered as sprayed concrete or mounted plates. The product is available in different thicknesses to handle requirements in the various structures. 


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