Concept for water-proofing tunnels

Concept for water-proofing tunnels
The RockDrain water-proofing concept is a special designed system for waterproofing, fireproofing, insulating and frost proofing of underground facilities and tunnels.

The draining capacity per m2 is up to 162 liter per minute. This is protected by a mixed lightweight dry shotcrete, specially designed for the purpose.



RockDrain is a environmentally safe drainage system that constitutes a monolithic construction. It requires no bolts for installation and is unaffected by suction and compression forces. It interacts with the rock mass instead of concealing it (enabling inspections). RockDrain is resistant to fire and requires less space in tunnel cross-sections.

Installation is less resource-demanding and significantly faster than other systems. The construction is easy to repair..

RockDrain has a service life of 120 years, both LCC and LCA figures are promising. 

Photo: RockDrain


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