Passive fire protection - fibre reinforced magnesium panels

Passive fire protection - fibre reinforced magnesium panels
The overall aim of passive systems is to contain the fire by use of protection to prevent the fire and smoke from moving from one compartment to another, delaying the collapse of the building structure or/and delaying the growth of the fire.

Another important feature is the contribution to brightness in the tunnel, and not at least how such a product will handle high pressure wash and the harsh environment you find in road tunnels. 

The Passivetec® protection panels are manufactured from layers of fibre reinforced magnesium and other refractory products. They can be installed as a stand alone finish or painted if required. The panels from Passivetec® do not contain hazardous substances. The panels can be installed with the necessary stability and durability under humid, wet or freezing conditions and are easy and quick to assemble. 

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