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Measures to increase resilience in tunnels

Measures to increase resilience in tunnels
An important objective in the strategic work in PIARC for the next cycle (2020 - 2023) is to improve the resilience of road infrastructure through the effective management of assets in accordance with user expectations and government requirements.

The new strategic plan has been prepared under the direction of PIARC´s Strategic Plan Commission and is the result of extensive consultations in PIARC´s committees and network and other representatives of other road and transport related organizations to gather their ideas and views. A special effort was made to consult representatives of low- and middle-income countries so that their needs and perspectives could be taken into account in the final version of the Plan.

A focus has been directed on increasing the resiliency of the tunnel system, i.e. measures to increase the availability of the tunnel for users and measures to increase the robustness (construction and operation) of the tunnel. Measures for increasing resilience of tunnels is one of several topics the tunnel committee will have a focus on, this cycle. 

Strategic topic "Measures for increasing resilience of tunnels"

Within this topic, PIARC will have a closer look at current experience on management of tunnels in order to develop best practices on design and construction for road tunnel operations. The work group will also establish and propose criteria for design and construction of more resilient tunnels for road tunnel operations.

To identify resilience measures with regard to risk reduction measures and associated risk management methods, is also important for the output.
PIARC launched its new Strategic Plan by organizing kick-off meetings for all its 22 Technical Committees and Task Forces. A thousand experts from about 50 countries participated in the meetings in order to discuss how to organize their work for the next four-year cycle.

The tunnel commitee had their meetings in February, in Paris and plan to deliver its first results as early as the winter congress in 2022, in Calgary.

PIARC (World Road Association) is a non-profit association established more than 100 years ago to promote international cooperation on issues pertaining to roads and road transportation. It consists of a wide range of members from every part of the globe. The core members are road agencies representing over 120 countries.

The Association mobilizes the expertise its members to share and develop information for the benefit of the global transportation community, a mission that is grounded in the needs of member countries and supportive of larger trends in global society. It fulfils this mission through operations guided by a 4-year Strategic Plan.

Read more about the strategic plan on PIARC´s website: Link

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