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The Norwegian tunnel education

The Norwegian tunnel education
Holistic thinking and interdisciplinary understanding is central key concept for the Norwegian tunnel education. Emphasis is placed on how the operation and maintenance are better able to set the agenda in the planning and construction phase. The program also focuses on how the planning process affects a good product.

Location: Norway, Oslo/Bergen/Tonsberg/Tromso/Trondheim

Type: National education & training

Target group: Managers, builders, planners, engineers, contractors and consultants

The agenda is not about blasting techniques and rock support. The purpose is to provide participants with a broad understanding of the various processes required to achieve a better solutions for users. The classes will include some basic subject themes, for example research, understanding of materials and operational issues.

The tunnel education is suitable for both professionals and managers working with underground constructions. The participant are a very important resource in the education. The students have there daily work in planning, construction, operation and maintenance of road tunnels. There is an explicit expectation from the program that also the participants leaders is participating in the education.

NPRA is responsible for the content and implementation of the education in cooperation with the National Rail and The Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU). The industry is highly involved in the implementation of the program.

Photo: Arild P. Sovik (2010)

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