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Swiss fire fighting training

Swiss fire fighting training
The International Fire Academy is the training partner of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and Swiss Railways (SBB), and to many fire brigades and fire service authorities in Europe. A team of experienced experts delivers the Swiss tunnel deployment training course using a educational methodology training concept. In the two tunnel training facilities in Balsthal and Lungern, trainees can apply the knowledge they have acquired in realistic scenarios.

Location: Switzerland, Balsthal/Lungern

Type: International education & training

Target group: Tunnel managers, fire fighters

In Balsthal lies a 260 m long road tunnel with single and two-lane sections and various horizontal and vertical escape and rescue routes. A tunnel with overpressure ventilation and shelter area runs parallel to this. Side access is provided in the form of a second tube and a crosscut. There is a total of three entry portals preceded by large forecourt areas.

The Lungern Road access tunnel in the Swiss Alps is 170 m deep. Here is cloakrooms, a breathing apparatus maintenance room and washroom facilities near the training facility. The largest incident that can be simulated is two trucks fully ablaze.

Standardised courses are available in the Swiss languages, and on request the International Fire Academy are able to set up customised english spoken courses.

Photo: Arild P. Sovik (2012)

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