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Standardization of tunnels on the agenda

Standardization of tunnels on the agenda
Society is built on standards, and standards promote innovation! When everyone in the industry uses the same starting point - a common standard - then good practice can be implemented more easily, which in turn makes it easier to build our society in a safe, sustainable and profitable way.

Last year, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster started work on the "Standard Tunnel". The goal of this project is to improve standards for the planning, construction and operation of tunnels. This work must be done in collaboration with others, and in interaction between public and private actors.

At this theme meeting, we highlighted good examples from other industries, and discussed how we can improve our industry. On this workshop we invited the organisations responsible for standardisation in Norway, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Nye Veier AS and other stakeholders in the industry in Norway.

Standardisation is the process of implementing and developing technical standards based on a collaboration between organisations and companies including road/rail authorities, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, but also users and other national and international stakeholders are an important part of the collaboration. In general, standardisation lead to better compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability and quality. Standardisation facilitate innovation because it provides structured methods that makes it easier to disseminate ideas and knowledge about leading technologies and best practices.

Program Tailoring slows growth in the Nordic economy
Oliver Husøy, head of marketing and business development transport, Standard Norway

Electricity and electronic standardization - standards and standard collections relevant if. tunnel construction
Leif T. Aanesen, CEO, Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee (NEK)

How is the situation in the ITS area in Norway - and what relevance does this have for our tunnels
Trond Hovland, general manager of ITS Norway

Standardization - what is in current regulations and regulations
Chief engineer Jørn Holtan, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Standardization in Nye Veier AS
Lars Vassbotn Aamodt, leader technology, Nye Veier AS 

How can we jointly move forward with the work on the standard tunnel? There is great agreement that it will be profitable to work with standardization of tunnels. Where are the challenges? How can we jointly work on standardization?
Discussion and summary led by Arild P. Sovik, CEO, Sovik Consulting and Helen Roth, CEO, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster.

Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster

The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster is a cluster, whose aim is to contribute to safer tunnels and fewer accidents. The conference highlighted that this cluster is important for road users, for fire and rescue personnel, for the transport industry and the whole community.

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