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VR study on evacuation and human behavior

VR study on evacuation and human behavior
Lund University and SINTEF independent research organisation, are conducting a survey in which they seek attendees. In the experiment, the subjects will move in a computer-generated environment and the study is investigating human behaviour in a road tunnel where different incidents can occur.

Emergency situations in tunnels due to collisions, fire, emissions of dangerous substances may be demanding for human to handle. In the survey, the researchers want to investigate how the subjects handle this type of incidents in a road tunnel.

Тhe stereoscopic 3D and motion-tracking capabilities of virtual reality equipment create an immersive and interactive 360° environment, where different safety features and scenarios can be easily tested and human behaviour can be monitored. VR experiment like this can be used to assess and understand human behaviour in a simulated environment, but also test how effective safety measures are.

Recently, a case study from Lund University on the analysis of evacuation travel paths in virtual reality (VR) tunnel fire experiments was conducted and presented to increase the understanding on evacuation behaviour (published in Fire Safety Journal 71, 2015). And in 2016, a virtual reality experiment on flashing lights at emergency exit portals for road tunnel evacuation. This report gave specific recommendations for how to design flashing lights at emergency exit portals for road tunnel emergency evacuation (published in Fire Technology, May 2016, Volume 52, Issue 3).

Håkan Frantzich and Daniel Nilsson from Lund University are the official contacts (study on human behaviour in 2018). 

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